Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hiroshi Sugimoto, "Union City Drive-In" 1993

NY Times article on "Rearming Japan." Watch the video. What do kamikazes have to do with museums that pay homage to WWII ships? Or North Korea, or history teaching in Japanese schools (in which pupils are not told of the raping and pillaging of colonial Japan)? It's ridiculous how 4 or 5 separate issues can be lumped together as a conspiracy by right wing organizations to change the constitution.Abe and other conservatives of the LDP want capable military with North Korea and China barking next door. The chances of getting it are slim. And, even more so, is the possibility of escalating nationalism. Just 1 in 3 Japanese sees the need to change the constitution at all.

Noaya Hatakeyama, "Mori Building" (Tokyo)

MegaCities exhibition at the Tate.

Vice article, "Inside Pyongyang"

I wish I had a website like this one.

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