Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hatos party (& the DJ Franky)

Friday night:
REI and Blunt from the Hatos crew in Tokyo (see previous post) invited us to their private party at the studio in Nakameguro. When we got to the top floor, we took to the open-air deck and saw this...
In the long room serving as the dance floor, Blunt played first. He mixes all kinds of samples over dub drum tracks. Skateboard decks and record decks; the room was lined with book shelves on the other side. Every shelf stuffed with magazines. We could imagine those guys camping out up there for days at a time getting high off art and other drugs.
Free alcohol. Priceless view. "The best sound in Tokyo," said the guy who worked at a sound company sound. He's next to Blunt in this photo.
So, about Franky. You just have to hear him to believe him, or to believe me. As you can see, he looks like John Belushi swallowed Kim Jong Il.
But on the decks he's not a drunk or dictator. He's a technician. He's a crate digger, for the most perfect dance music on the planet. He's from outer space, just came down to earth to rip up the dance floor for that Friday night. If you're out there, Franky, please give me your contact.
Luckily, it wasn't until Franky had finished that the cops decided to crash the party. This is from the deck on the morning. That person asleep in the foreground had been asleep throughout the entire party.

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m said...

DJ Franky/Frankie, where are you? I am loving you.