Sunday, April 01, 2007

YELLOW with John Tejada (& Sri Lankan G)

Where to begin? How about with...this city can't let me down. It just can't. It's because of you, Tokyo. You're that great. I love you, I love sweet you, everything about you. I'm drunk and high off shit you can't buy. It's 8 in the morning. I'm all over the keyboard. The last 24-36 hours were a month of living squeezing into that time.
I'll save Friday night's recap for another time. Tonight was at Yellow. The DJ: John Tejada. We got there at 1:30. It was packed; one in, one out. We got in. We got in. Met people from England and Japan and France and Germany and this girl who sounded and looked German but she wouldn't tell me where she was from and an electro band from London who had been in Austin the past week for SXSW (check 'em: Spektrum)...
... and a guy from Philly and a photographer from Manchester who had been commissioned by KSwiss to shoot the festival with Lauren Hill earlier that day and a guy from Detroit who told me about going to see Theo Parrish weekly and being one of three white guys there and a girl from Toronto and a crew of lads from London who were jawing out of their ears and a bunch of Japanese people who were super super nice and a guy from Canada who had organized the party that night. He invited me to the DJ booth with John Tejada. So I met JT and watched him cut up white vinyl, at 5 am, in front of 800 people.
In the best soundsystem in the world. Above you can see his hands, only his hands.
"They long to be close to you," says Isaac Hayes. Closer, closer, to you, Tokyo, that's where I'll be the next 5 days. Maggie is asleep. I'm eating a Starbucks sandwhich (I temporarily ended my lifelong boycott because it looked that perfect). I wish I could tell you about the last 24-36 hours in live, in person. For now, I have pictures, and later video.
Oh yea, earlier, before we went to the club, we saw the restaurant where the fight scene in Kill Bill was filmed. You know, where the shy Japanese girl with balls and chains tries to slice up Uma Thurman, and the 6, 7, 8's are playing 50's rockabilly in the background. We went there and walked around. "Never gonna say goodbye," says Isaac, "no matter how hard I try."

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Anonymous said...

Dude...P burns. This is Ben C. I just suffered a terrible night. Georgetown was in the final four and lost in a shitty game to Ohio state. I too am drunk. Hopefully you will get this message. I will be in Israel this summer making a documentary. Good luck with everything! Japan sounds sweet!