Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Half of 2007, best albums

[photo from NY Times, "Hidden Tokyo"]

I can't believe it's June. My first June in 20 years which hasn't been preceded by a school year and followed by a summer vacation. The only vacation I'll have this year is an indefinite break from Japan––I go back to America at the end of July. Until then, I have a trip to Hong Kong, numberless goodbyes, a sayonara party or two, and several pictures to take. I will really miss this place.

I've documented my life voraciously over the past 10 months here. Now is the time for lists. Making "best of" lists may seem like a trivial way of responding to my personal history, but it's the most efficient way of remembering all the stuff that I ate, listened to, saw, etc. So first, what I listened to.

Here are some of my favorite albums from 2007 ( a few released in late 2006)

LCD Soundsystem –– Sound of Silver
Since LCD released the iTunes-only mix for Nike, 45:33, it has been the only music that can consistently get me running fast early in the morning. Luckily, Sound of Silver includes a piece of the mix, redone with lyrics and a longer song format. It's called "Someone Great," and is my favorite song from my time in Japan. [Art by Shinro Otake (see previous post)]

The Field –– From Here We Go Sublime
The above picture is the landscape I think of when I listen to From Here. Well, it would be better if there was a little more light. [The photo is by Todd Hido.]

FabricLive 33 –– mixed by Spank Rock
Any dance mix that planks Yes and Rick Ross within minutes of each other will always be worthy of my praise. In this Fabric mix, Spank Rock whips over 30 songs into a frenzied hour and 10 minutes of dance floor mayhem. [picture of South African Swankster, brilliant article from Vice]

Gui Boratto –– Chromophobia
A few weeks back I took a 30 minute train ride after school to Fukuoka. I listened "Beatutiful Life" about six times. Like Kompakt bro The Field, Chromophobia is only suitable for a nice pair of headphones, and sounds best while moving to passing scenery. [The photo is by Todd Hido.]

Deerhunter –– Cryptograms
I was walking late at night, alone, no one in sight, with my headphones on, staring at the rows of vending machines that dot the town, listening to "Strange Lights." [Photo: Chien-Chi Chang, Magnum Photos]

Optimo –– Walkabout
Panda Bear –– Person Pitch
Devin the Dude –– Waiting to Inhale
Dungen –– Tio Bitar
Boris with Michio Kurihara –– Rainbow

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