Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Tuna Crisis" editorial...J-bashing resumes

A few months ago, we said bad boy! to Japan for the comfort women issue. More. The news told us that Abe, while visiting Washington, apologized to Bush (!!?!!) for ladies who were forced to work in brothels during WWII. Yes, that's Bush, who wasn't alive when the events took place. Now that journalists checked the facts and saw the Japanese government had apologized previously in 1994–and had been providing the women with finance reparations since then–the women are long forgotten.

Now the Western media, ever zealous to retard Japan, has started up the J-bashing engine once again. Next up: Japan, quit eating so much Tuna!

See the NY Times and IHT editorial here.

Japan's tuna crisis is grave for sushi chefs across Japan. They've been experimenting with alternative ingredients as tuna has become too expensive. But, as the edit. says, "we're not sympathetic." Japan's "rapacious overfishing" and "greedy fleets" are to blame of the downfall in Tuna.

Japan eats more fish than anyone else. The message is clear: put a cap on it. Never mind that fish is as essential to Japanese culture as shoes. Or that Japanese are historically pescatarians (it wasn't until the West came knocking over a century ago that beef entered the scene). Gloss over the fact that the true culprit for depleted stocks isn't Japan, but new entrants into the sushi craze like Russia and China.

This environmentally edged stance–tuna rationing to prevent extinction–comes ironically when paired next to the other issue currently rankling US-Japan relations. Toyota is on top, and the big three are livid. More. The cheap yen has contributed to Toyota's climb to the top in the American auto market. Or has it? Couldn't people could be turning to the Prius and other high m.p.g vehicles (which Toyota dominates) for the savings on gas? No, blame it on the yen.

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