Monday, June 25, 2007

Tosu UDON project, pt. 1

A few weeks ago, I set out to find the best Udon in Tosu, the rural town in Japan where I live. There are 5 or so such shops in the Tosu area, not counting the chain franchises. Along the way, I made friends, heard stories of youth and travel, and found culture in the most unlikely places. Inside these shops–especially the older ones like Men Kichi and Kobai–an old piece of Japan has been preserved. Even the customers follow suit–guys with slicked-back gray hair, donning polyester sweaters, who drive up in full-bodied cruisers and slurp their way through a bowl of udon in a few minutes. A trip to Men Kichi for lunch sometimes feels like a step back to the 1970s, complete with small town mobsters and savvy salesmen.

I'll have more photos and reviews as soon as I make it to the 2 shops I haven't been to yet.

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